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Prerogative is the young branding & marketing company of Billy Reynolds, MBA. Based out of Chattanooga, TN, Prerogative provides marketing services and develops marketing tools for companies in a variety of industries. Our marketing tools range from digital tools such as websites, animations & Powerpoint® slideshows to print-based media like brochures, trade show graphics & vehicle graphics. Our graphic abilities range from 2-dimensional (vector or raster) to 3-dimensional scenes and architectural drafting.

Our philosophy is that American consumers are a bunch of listeners, and that companies should put some thought into their message. The Internet has experienced tremendous growth over the past 10 years, and Americans have developed a thirst for information & media. The Internet is becoming increasingly interactive, and handheld devices are capable of doing new stuff every year. Most people are flocking to the Internet for social media and online purchasing, but the important thing to notice is that more people are using the Internet, period. This vacuum is great for businesses who find new ways to interact with consumers through the Internet. Our philosophy is that Consumers are listening, and smart companies are the ones who find a way to stand out from the competition.
We begin every project by listening. We listen to your vision, goals, and objectives in order to identify your company's marketing goals and objectives. Our goal through branding is to find your company's unique heritage, and expose it in a likeable, engaging way. We research your industry, market & company, and use the information to guide us as we begin to make design decisions. Then we propose some marketing tools to help you achieve your goals.
Prerogative's ultimate goal is to help your company achieve the product quality and personalized level of service that create a lasting, positive impression on customers. We believe that commited marketing produces real results, and we encourage our clients to have a long-term marketing plan and objectives. Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients with a reputation of distinction in their market, and we do this by exposing their unique heritage in a likable way. Businesses interact with customers ina variety of ways, and businesses often fail to view these interactions as opportunities to impress their customers and stand out above the competition. Our goal is to impress your customers in as many of these interactions as possible.
Prerogative's primary focus is always on the quality of our work.   We believe that quality supercedes quantity, and we believe that excellent marketing materials build excellent brands. We understand the advantages that quality marketing materials have in turning your audience into your customers.   Our Terms & Conditions are an extension of our service quality in how we believe that our clients are the sole owner of the digital files that they pay us to create.
Prerogative occasionally works with a network of developers and/or designers in meeting our clients' marketing needs.
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