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COPYRIGHT & OWNERSHIP POLICY  (file sharing, etc)
Prerogative believes that our role in your marketing tools is limited to the creation process.   In other words, we believe that our clients own the marketing tools that they pay us to create.   As a result, we will share the digital files that you pay us to create with you.   Many design firms want to claim ownership and exclusive rights to the things that they create for their clients.   This is their way of maintaining a monopoly of sorts over your marketing efforts and over your wallet.
In contrast, Prerogative believes that service quality should bring customers back to a company, not strict file-ownership policies.   The fact that we embrace this policy speaks volumes about our emphasis on service quality because you are free to take our work to another firm if we ever fail to meet your expectations (once you have paid us for the services rendered).   This policy is our way of looking out for what is truly best for our clients.
SERVICE GUARANTEE  (for In-House and Third-Party fulfillments)
Nearly all of the services that Prerogative provides on a regular basis are fulfilled through in-house Development & Design.   However, some services such as business card printing are fulfilled by third-party companies.   For printing and other out-sourced fulfillment, Prerogative takes full responsibility for meeting all of the conditions that were outlined in our contracts.
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